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We have experience in the details that make each project unique, WJC Plastering & Drywall can create and transform your interior commercial space into functional areas.



We create plasters and stuccos with custom color matching that adds value, protection and beauty to your building. Styles range from traditional to contemporary. We make outside walls look like a work of art, whether new or being restored. Finished professionally to protect your investment taking curb appeal to a whole new level.


Plasterwork can be used on the interior and exterior walls of homes and buildings. It adds a protective and decorative coating that is higher quality than traditional drywall and exterior finishes.
If your plaster has cracks, chips or damage, consider plaster and lath repair. Plaster patching utilizes a combination of plaster compound and bonding agent to repair the damage to your plaster.
Exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) provide exterior walls with an insulated and water-resistant finished surface. They are one of the most researched and best performing exterior coatings in the industry.
We can paint all interior or exterior finishes, including plaster, drywall and stucco, giving your home or business a fresh, new look.
Modern stucco is used as an exterior plaster wall finish. It is a great option for exterior siding material due to its attractiveness, durability, low-maintenance and added value.
Whether you’re looking to add stone to a new home or business, or wanting to restore the look of your old stonework, our expertise lies within matching and repairing the look of your exterior. Stone is also used as accents throughout the home and on fireplaces.
Veneer stonework is an attractive addition to your home or business. Veneer stonework is typically used as an alternative décor to exterior stone and brick, and is used on interior fireplaces.
We use standard and specialized scaffolding in all necessary projects in order to skillfully apply our techniques.
Custom brick and block work adds a touch of sophistication and charm. Brick and block work are durable and low maintenance choices for exterior accents and fireplace construction.
Whether you’re looking to restore the look of your space or add something unique, decorative plaster molds can liven up your home or business and add a touch of historical nostalgia.
Plasterwork from decades ago is different from today’s modern plaster. We have expertise in matching these finishes and making the old look new again. Our quality craftsmanship is key to a successful restoration job.

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